Sunday, July 20, 2014

What I Include In My Carry-On

The summer season is all about getting away and finally taking that vacation, right? Before we get too excited and pre-maturely jump onto our scheduled flights, we have to be sure that we pack everything we need for cozy and comfortable flight. Whether it's a quick 2-hour connection or a red-eye across the Atlantic, having the right contents in our carry-on bag makes the biggest difference. So, to make sure I have a the best trip possible, I make sure I have the following nine items on-board with me. 

Jonathan Adler Bon Voyage Passport Case
You can't jet-set without a chic case for your passport!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer
Cabin pressure can easily dry out our skin, even in the shortest flight. Rehydrate with a tinted moisturizer that also adds a bit of color back to your skin.
AERIN Hair Brush
This should be self-explanatory...

Missoni Throw Blanket
In case you don't know... it gets cold in the middle of flights. Stay warm and cozy by bringing your own throw blanket.

Nature Valley Sweet Nutty Peanut Single
Airplane food is ridiculously expensive, and about half as good as they're supposed to be. Skip the rip-off by packing your own (TSA-approved) snacks. Cocoon U-shaped Aircore Travel Pillow 
You may not think you need it when you first get on-board. But sometime in the middle of your flight, your head will drop and your neck will be wishing you brought this little guy along.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleep Mask, Audrey Hepburn Eye Mask
Block out any annoying sunlight or spotlights with this Holly Golightly-approved eye mask.

Travel Toothbrush Colgate Toothpaste
Umm.. do I even need to elaborate?

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