Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Clutch Craze

If there's one thing a girl in New York City needs to invest in, it's a reliable handbag. See, in New York, you learn to travel light. We average city dwellers don't have cars we can just throw our excess possessions into. We are like nomads in this concrete jungle, and whatever we bring with us in the morning will have to be carried throughout the entire day. 

Thus, women (and yes, even many men) rely on durable bags to help keep their stuff together. Now, giant hobos and satchels are a standard sight here. But, there's one kind of handbag I've really been into lately: clutches. However, there's no way I can fit everything I need in the day in those teeny, tiny excuse of a bag. Therefore, I've been scooping up a lot of oversized clutches. These bags probably aren't the most practical to have in the city, but I find them super-chic and the perfect way to break free of the hobo-bag syndrome. Here are a few oversized clutches I've been eyeing lately...


Henri Bendel leather purse

Anya Hindmarch black purse

Milly leather handbag

Antik Batik leather bag

ZAC Zac Posen clutch
$165 - bloomingdales.com

The celebrity inspiration...

Lucy Hale uses her pink clutch to add a little extra color to her look.

Carrie Bradshaw knows her accessories.

An oversized clutch has such a boho vibe to it, no?

Only Victoria Beckham would have a clutch that perfectly matches her ensemble.

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