Friday, August 1, 2014

Vacation Highlights — Charleston

Everyone should have the opportunity to get away during the summer season. A favorite destination of mine this time of the year is home AKA South Carolina. Nothing beats trading in New York City's hustle and bustle for a few days of tranquility in the south. 

One of my favorite cities to visit when I head down is Charleston. The historical town is full of so much culture, fun, and childhood memories. 

This private area of Folly Beach makes the journey so worth the final destination.

Even the sand dunes are picture-perfect.

Charleston has more than its fair share of good restaurants. This time around, we dined at Brasserie Gigi, a French restaurant at the heart of the city's historical district.

A meal isn't complete until we have dessert! On the menu: Fruit sherbet in champagne sauce. 

From Rainbow Row to the Battery, the colorful buildings of Charleston outmatches any skyscraper in the city.

Hidden gardens are common in this gorgeous city. Here's one we spotted behind King Street.

Good-bye, Charleston. Until next time!

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