Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Perfect Rainy Day Outfit

As the new season slowly creeps up on us, we must keep one thing in mind: It's probably going to rain a lot. Yes, spring brings along those infamous showers, and our beautiful strolls around the city or picnic at the park is easily turned into a running frenzy for shelter. With the unexpectancy of the weather, it's always good to be ready with an outfit that can withstand any of the season's surprising storms.

My perfect spring outfit comes complete with a cute rain jacket and sturdy wellies. Since days tend to be cloudy and overcast, I like to rock bright hues to compensate for the grey mood. A colorful, comfy top and jeans with a matching bag is always a winning choice. This fun, bright look is definitely a keeper for the season, no?

The Perfect Rainy Day Outfit

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