Monday, March 24, 2014

Style Crush: Eva Chen

There are some mornings I find myself totally stumped on what I should wear to work. Luckily, I'm in a creative industry that's forgiving when it comes to its office dress code. But where to draw the line? When is an outfit a little too trendy for the office? I never want to be the girl who is constantly pushing the envelope with my outfits, but I also can't imagine wearing a boring suit combo everyday. When I hit this grey area, I ask myself: What would Eva Chen wear?

Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine's current EIC, is the master of workplace fashion. Her looks are the perfect balance of eye-catching and proper, conservative with a fashion-forward twist. Best of all, she rocks the season's best accessories with no qualms. So, whenever I find myself unsure of what outfit to rock during my 9-to-5, I turn to Eva Chen for inspiration.

Don't believe? Check out these six major fashion lesson's she's already taught me. 

Even crop tops can work in the office! Go for a simple style, like an oxford shirt, and pair it
with a high-waisted statement skirt. TrĂ©s Chic!Photo Via: New York Magazine

A bomber jacket + statement skirt = genius!
Photo via: ASOS

A graphic print and leather skirt combo is always a #win.
Photo Via: New York Magazine

Yes, chic sweatshirts can be office-appropriate.
Photo via: The Fashion Spot

Balance a short skirt with an oversized top.
Photo Via:

And lastly, bold colors are a MUST. Just make sure they compliment each other versus competing for attention.
Photo Via: Who What Wear.

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