Thursday, February 6, 2014

New York Winters With Olivia Palermo

It's that time of the year again — Fashion Week! Now, despite the fact that NYC is currently COVERED in ice and snow, the runway shows must go on! As usual, shows are scattered throughout the island and beyond — Alexander Wang is showing in Brooklyn, what?! So, deciding what to wear is that much harder right now. 

Now, what does someone wear to Fashion Week when the high is only 25 degrees, the ground is covered in slushy snow, and ice lingers on the sidewalk? During these times of fashion paradoxes, I turn to my street-style idol, Olivia Palermo. Not only is Palermo a fashion icon in her own right, she's a seasoned New Yorker. So she knows just how to handle NYC's tough winter season without sacrificing style. 

Here are 5 major winter style lessons I've learned from her.

If theres a blizzard, don't be cute. Dress appropriately.

A bright wool jacket trumps a boring black number any day.

Yes, a hooded ensemble can be cute. It helps if you're having an awesome hair day.

Umm... who said you could only wear one coat? If it's cold, it's cold.

Always have proper headgear.

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