Sunday, January 19, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: The Carrie Diaries

Outfit Inspiration: The Carrie Diaries

Before I made the big move to NYC, I lived my city life vicariously through Carrie Bradshaw. Of course, one of the things that kept me glued to Sex and the City was Carrie's eccentric fashion taste. No one mixed and matched her wardrobe so effortlessly better than SJP's character.

These days, Carrie's young persona is taking over the primetime airways. Truthfully, I've never actually completed an episode of The Carrie Diaries. However, I still tune in for a few minutes just to absorb some of young Carrie's outfits. I am especially drawn to this one look because of its randomness. Many times, I have stared into my closet thinking I have no new outfit to wear. Turns out, I can easily pair up some of the most random pieces for an eclectic look that both stylish and unique. I would've never paired red, blue, and red together in one outfit without a print that pulls it together, but young Carrie proves that it's totally possible.

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