Saturday, December 14, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is...

With Christmas rapidly approaching I've been busy "making my list and checking it twice."  In between the store-hopping and sale stalking, I've found very little time for myself. It's so easy to forget to treat yourself with a little something during this time of year. So, I sat down and thought of the super luxe presents I would like to see under my tree this year.

Oh, and the sky's the limit on this list. I thought that if I was going to do a little self-gifting, why not go all out. Right? Take that sky-blue electric mixer for example. There's no way my teeny New York apartment can house a snazzy kitchen appliance like this, but I like to think that one day, it can be possible.


All I Want For Christmas

C Wonder Porcelain Teapot
I love drinking tea in the afternoon, but it can be so awkward when I'm sipping solo. This cute tea cup and pot combo makes a tea party of one more than stylish.

Brunswick Accent Table
I spend more time working at my desk than anywhere else, so why not make it a place worth being at? This luxurious desk has more than enough room for me to work in comfort.

Rodial Bee Venom Eye Care
The one beauty item on my list? Rodial's Bee Venom. This exotic cream is what keeps A-list celebs and even royals the likes of Kate Middleton looking eternally youthful.

Barclay Cast Iron Double Slipper Bathtub Kit
I've been obsessed with the idea of an old-fashioned bathtub for years now. And since my imagination is running wild on this list, why not indulge in one that evokes some of my vintage fantasies?

C. Wonder City Bike
When I was a kid, riding my bike around the neighborhood was one of my favorite after school activities. This hot pink bike from C.Wonder is the perfect way to avoid traffic in the Big Apple, and definitely the most stylish way to commute.

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