Friday, November 22, 2013

4 Winter Accessory Rules To Live By

The winter season is officially in session, which means it's time to bundle it all up before we head out the door. My very first winter in the city was bleak, with temperatures constantly dipping well below freezing, and a new snow fall every few days. I learned early on that the right cold-weather gear can mean a world of difference.

The fun thing about cold-weather accessories is that they instantly refresh a look without much effort. Switch out a beanie with some earmuffs, and wrap a new scarf around your neck and you're rocking a totally different look. No matter how I pair my winter look, I live by 4 major rules when it comes to accessorizing properly in winter, check them out below.

Winter Headgear

1. Get Your Head In The Game — Always reach for some headgear. Whether it's a bonnet, earmuffs, or a winter hat, make sure something is keeping your head warm. You will notice the difference instantly, I swear. 

2. Protect Thy Hands — This is especially important on windy days, when the rough breezes goes straight to your bones. I found that cashmere-lined leather gloves are the best in the city, because they're not too chunky, but still manage to keep your digits warm.

3. Wrap It Up — Like hats and bonnets, scarves can make a big difference. Wrapping a cozy wool scarf probably helps you keep you about 10 degrees warmer than without. It can also keep a scratchy, sore throat away.

4. Tough Footwear —Slushy snow, icy sidewalks, and mud puddles — there's a lot to hate around the winter time, and that's just the stuff on the ground! To help keep your toes warm, not to mention dry, be sure to hit the ground with some tough, weather-proof boots. Sorrel, UGG, and Hunter are just a few of the many places you can invest in some tough footwear.

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