Friday, November 1, 2013

The Reasons Behind Your Breakout

Despite being well into my 20's, I still get the occasional breakout — and I know I'm not alone! The truth of the matter is that zits and pimples aren't restricted to adolescents with crazy hormones. So, I became determined to find out what the cause of my random breakouts were. After talking with numerous dermatologists and beauty editors, not to mention reading countless books and articles on the subject, I believe I've pinpointed the reasons behind my imperfect skin. Please note, while each specialist had their own opinion of the matter, these were the testaments that they all seemed to agree on.

Forehead: Feelings stress and pressure? Or experiencing a lack of sleep? Breakouts on your forehead are triggered by an increase of stress or sleep deprivation.

The Brow Area: This area of your face is affected by your wellness. You may notice a breakout here when your immune system takes a hit — i.e. right before, during, or right after a bad cold or flu.

Between The Brows: This is where you can find the evidence of a bad diet. Excessive greasy foods, sugar, alcohol, basically anything excessive of the yummy things we love will probably leave you with a little something in between those brows.

Cheeks: The first thing that might be affect breakouts on your cheeks is dirt. Avoid having your cheeks touch anything — cell phones included — that may carry a lot of germs. And please, do not touch your face throughout the day. Think of all the surfaces you have touched since the last time you last washed your hands... would you rub your cheeks up against all of that? Didn't think so.

Another underlying cause of breakouts on your cheeks is the pollution in the air. While there's really nothing you can do about this, it's good to know what's causing sudden zits and pimples when you're doing all the right things.

Chin: Chin breakouts are linked to your hormones. Women tend to breakout during certain times of their cycle. So, next time you notice an annoying pimple making a presence, take note of the time of your cycle its occurring — the pattern is typically the same each month.

Even though this sheds a little light on your recent breakouts, it's no reason for you to skimp on your skin care routine. Be sure to wash you face everyday, twice a day, to get rid of germs and dirt that have made their way into your pores. It's also a good idea to get a facial at least 4 times a year (once each time the season changes) so that they can get those deep-rooted dirt particles.

And of course, smile! (This won't help breakouts, but it'll brighten your day!)


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