Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Petite Boutique Little Gals Were Waiting For

If it wasn't apparent in my many — perhaps too many — outfit posts, I am very partial to dresses and skirts. This favoritism is actually born out of convenience. When you're a pint-sized person like me, shopping for pants can be a total nightmare. Inseams are too long, waistlines are too small, and (hello!) little ladies have curves too!

So, when I got wind of an e-boutique that caters specifically for us short girls, I was beyond thrilled. GAMBiTA offers simply the best curation of petite and petite-friendly clothes for women. From skinny jeans to party frocks and t-shirt basics, GAMBiTA's got it covered.  

I was fortunate enough to meet GAMBiTA's founder and CEO, Caroline Misan Alvo, at their recent fashion show. Caroline is an inspiration for women everywhere not only for her business' accomplishments, but also because she is spreading the word all around that Petite is Powerful. Check out Caroline's story below!

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