Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Style Crush: Victoria Beckham

My style crush for Victoria Beckham dates back to her days as Posh Spice in that signature LBD. I have continued to love her for her absolute devotion to fashion, and the fact that she's not afraid to try a new trend or look. I constantly turn to her for new inspiration on how to style pieces in my wardrobe, and new trends I need to test out. Here are just 5 of my favorite looks that she's rocked in the past hear alone, proving that she's totally a style icon here to stay.

 White on white, on white. Sheer perfection.

 Just proof that the menswear trend can be totally chic and not at all butch.

 What I love about V.B. is that she's not afraid to wear her own label, which is crucial for those who have their own clothing line. I mean, if you don't wear your own label, why do you expect others to?

 Even when she's going casual, she's still got that understated glamour about her look.

Here she is wearing another frock from her line, but can we discuss what's going on with her tights/shoes situation. Stir-ups? Leather tights? Whatever they are, it's a funky mix that totally works.

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