Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bright & Green

A lot of people think that New Yorkers only wear black. That we're a dark sea of ants running from Point A to Point B clad in hues of mourning. Well, that's only partially true. I have noticed that New Yorkers certainly like the color black during winter, when the weather is bleak and sunlight is scarce.

However, warmer months automatically bring in a sea of bright colors. Since the summer months are creeping to a close, New Yorkers (yours truly included) are trying to get one last wear from their bright pieces. Hence this super-green top I wore this past weekend. I figured I might as well give it one last "Hurrah!" before I pack it away with the rest of my summer wardrobe.

PS: Like this look? Check out my look book for more of my past outfits.

Top: MICHAEL Michael Kors/ Shorts: Banana Republic/ Shoes: Coach/ 
Necklace: Aqua (last seen here)/ Sunglasses: GAP

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