Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taming My Tresses

Observe my hairstyle above. This is how I wear my hair everyday. Seriously, with the exception of my trips to the gym, my hair will always be spotted blow-dried, tousled, and set. Because while I am more than willing to experiment with different fashion styles and beauty looks, my hairstyle stays in its comfort zone.

My biggest battle these days is keeping my hair from surrendering to the humidity. Between the scorching summer weather and the heat caught on the sidewalk, it's like living in the Amazon sometimes. So, you can bet I had a few days where my hair gained a life of its own and frizzed like crazy. Luckily, after several experiments with various products, I found the formula that can tame my tresses. And now I'm going to share my secret with you!  Pay attention!

Taming My Tresses
Oribe Masque for Beautyful Color - To start, I apply this Oribe masque all over my hair. It has special nutrients that can help lock in the color on my hair and make it shinier.

Philip B Anti-Frizz Formula 57 - Now, I spritz on Philip B. Anti-Frizz Formula on my still damp hair. This helps keep my hair locked down, no matter how sticky it gets outside.

Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protector Frizz Fighter - Before I blow-dry my hair, I also apply this heat protector from DryBar. It promotes shine and bounce in the style, and protects my hair from direct damage from the blow dryer and flat iron.

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray - Before I set my hair with hairspray, I coat it with this Anti-Humidity Spray from Oribe. Its formulated with UV protection and volumizing Pro-Vitamin B5, which boosts shine and keeps frizz down.

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