Monday, July 22, 2013

Outfit Idea: Summer Getaway

Summer Getaway
J.Crew Camisole Top / J.Crew Neon Shorts / J.Crew roman gladiator sandals / J.Crew Satchel Purse / J.Crew Octagon Necklace / San Diego Hat Co. Wide Brim Hat

I am so ready for a vacation right now, I can't even begin to get into it. Unfortunately, my vacay isn't coming for a while. Now, when I'm getting anxious at the thought of poolside afternoons and sipping fresh sangria in the sun, I start thinking up the outfits I'm going to be sporting during my time off. This totally kills two birds with one stone because it helps me pack a few days earlier.

For my mini getaway, I'm thinking a full tropical attire is necessary. J.Crew has been my go-to for cute casual clothes at a friendlier budget. An online shopping excursion led me to this outfit. I love the loud print of the shorts, and how I can coordinate all my accessories around its various colors. A few more hours of cruising their site and I'll be all set for my getaway.


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