Thursday, July 18, 2013

Concrete Jungle

Those who named New York City a "concrete jungle" couldn't have been more on-point. Because sometimes there's no better word to describe this city's chaotic atmosphere and hustle-and-bustle vibe. I recently had one of these crazy experiences when I headed to Midtown for a little shopping trip at Bloomingdale's. While I fought my way into the store, I realized how appropriately dressed for the excursion I was.

For my mini shopping adventure, I opted for this vintage tribal-print dress my mother scored at the marketplace in the Philippines a few years ago. Its lightweight jersey fabric makes it especially comfortable in the summer heat. Most importantly, it slips on and off very easily, which makes trying on potential new wardrobe pieces a breeze. I thought the bright colors captured the energy of the city, while the loud graphic print symbolized the "jungle" aspect of it all. What do you think? Is this dress not the perfect symbol for the city?


Dress: Vintage
Clutch: Foley And Corinna (last spotted here)
Bracelet: Vintage
Necklace: Aqua (last spotted here)
Sunnies: GAP

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