Thursday, June 20, 2013

1 White Shirt, 3 Awesome Outfits

When you're closet is exploding like mine, and your apartment looks more like a stylist's showroom than living quarters, you learn to make the most of the clothes that you have before you jump the gun to another shopping trip. One of the most versatile items in my closet is a crisp white button-down top. I wear it to events, to work, and everywhere in between. Here are three ways that I style the shirt, creating three totally different looks. The top is like a master in disguise!

Weekend Wear
I'm not exactly a denim girl, but these AG cropped jeans are so comfy that I couldn't resist. However, I would never be caught without some loud accessories to step up the look. I'm really digging bright yellow right now, which more than brightens up the look.

Work Wear
One of the best perks about working in the fashion industry is a lenient dress code  no pantsuits! It makes transitioning this shirt into my work wardrobe so much easier. These days, I'm styling it with some leather skirts and big gems.

 Everything In Between
On days that I don't plan my outfits ahead of time, I resort to a classic black and white outfit  good thing it's such a trend this season! When I'm running to an event or heading to a rooftop party, I style the look all-white with bold, black accessories. 

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